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Go Hansen
Go Components


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Designer(s) (Uncredited)
Publisher(s) Yellow Mountain Imports, Spear's Games, Reiss Games, John N. Hansen Co., Inc., Barnes & Noble, Mitsubishi Fuso, Wm F. Drueke & Sons, Inc., Wood Expressions, Skor-Mor, Play All Day Games, Pacific Game Company, nestorgames, Longfield Games, Jumbo, Ishi Press International, General Sportcraft Company, The Game Keeper, Inc., The Game Crafter, LLC, E.S. Lowe, Dynamic Games / Dynamic Design Industries, Crisloid, Cathay, Carlton Books, Avalon Hill, Ariel, 3M
Players 2
Play Time Long - 2-3 Hours
Suggested Age 8+
Go originated in China more than 4000 years ago. But it was the Japanese who perfected it and made Go a great strategic skill game. For thousands of years everyone from the working classes to royalty played Go, making it the national pastime. The popularity of Go has now reached the West bringing with it an air of Oriental wisdom and mystery! The Object of Go is to gain control of territories and capture enemy stones.