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Welcome to AutoTrade, our proprietary trading algorithm that automatically propose trades for you to accept, counter or decline at your leisure. Let us know how frequently you want automatic proposals (between 1-365 days between AutoTrades), as well as how many different proposal variations you want to see each time we send (between 1 and 30 variations). In each proposal we’ll show our values for every game in the proposal, as well as any other games you have for trade or want in trade, in order to make accepting or countering as simple and easygoing as possible.

  • An updated BoardGameGeek collection is required for this system to work.
  • We’ll scan your want in trade list and for trade list on BoardGameGeek and propose a trade(s) based on the point values we have for those games.
  • Proposals will be sent at intervals greater or equal to what you specify.
  • At the time of each sending, you’ll get as many proposals as you have requested. Due to the way proposals are randomly generated, it’s possible that multiple proposals will result in some duplicates, or even that a proposal will not be sent at all if our system cannot find a large enough overlap for a trade.
  • Proposals do not represent a commitment until you approve the proposal, and a rep then manually reviews and approves it. The main reasons why a proposal may not be valid upon further review are:
    • Some games are no longer available by the time you reply.
    • There are condition issues on either side of the trade that change the values.
    • Games on either side of the trade have specific editions that change the values.
    • Games on either side of the trade are only trading together with other games.
  • You may unsubscribe or change your subscription details at any time.