Marking Your For Trade and Want in Trade Games

In order for others to trade with you, or us for that matter, you need to know what games you want, and what games you're trading. Once you have that information, our systems, as well as boardgamegeek's system, can then automatically propose trades based on the overlap between what you're trading that someone else wants, and what they're trading that you want.

Step 1

Start by typing into the search box the name of any game you either have for trade, or want to get.


Step 2

Upon hitting enter, you should see a list of any games that match the description you typed. Click on the one you were trying to find.


Step 3

You should now see something similar to the below, click on the button to add to your collection.


Step 4

You'll now see a variety of options available to you. If you want the game, select the Want in Trade checkbox, but if you have it for trade, mark the For Trade box.  Then click save, and the game is now ready for you to work with in trade proposals!