In short, a trade consists of you sending us games, us sending you games. Every game has an assigned point value that makes the trading process quick and easy. Pick the games you want, pick the games you have. Make sure the points line up and you have a trade.

Yes. It's that simple.





Our trading site can be found at It's designed to get you trading in as few steps as possible.

1) Ensure you have a your BoardGameGeek wants and for trades set up. Here's our guide on how that.

2) Go to

3) Enter your BoardGameGeek username, then click VIEW GAMES FOR TRADE

4) Select the games you want from each side ensuring values roughly line up, then propose your trade. You can use the various toggle switches to change the selection of games on either side.




Email Us

We're currently in middle of working on better and faster ways to improve the trading process for those without active BGG accounts. Until then, email will get the job done, albeit not as cool and easy as we want it to.

1) Email us a list of the games you're looking to trade with any relevant notes.

2) Let us know the games you're interested in. Alternatively, you can check our listings here.

3) We'll get back to you with the relevant point values, and you can pick a trade that makes sense.


Can't I trade games with anyone? Why trade with BoardGameCo?

Of course! If what you're doing is working for you then great, keep at it. We only want your business if it's a win-win. 

We offer both convenience and potentially a savings as well. Convenience because you'll get firm values, quick responses and no haggling. If there's trade you like, great! Make the trade then get back to gaming. Minimal wasted time. 

The savings is because of the ability to do larger trades with us. Sure, you can trade 1 or 2 games at a time paying shipping each time, or you can trade 5, 10 or more games with us and pay shipping only once (you're welcome to use our shipping discount with Fedex if it helps). Sure, our point system means that you're taking a hit on value, but you'll often save that much or more on the savings on shipping once, rather than 5-10 different shipments to different people.

Your point system is generating some crazy numbers.

Having popular items is essential in order to ensure that people keep coming to us for trades. To that end, the available price of a game, while a factor, is not the most important part of our values. Trade demand, the availability of an item for trade, is a much bigger concern. We have no interest in trading away new and hot games for expensive items that just aren't moving as quickly. Turnover is important, and it doesn't help us to have a lot of expensive items that people aren't asking for. 

At the end of the day we respect that the points sometimes can look crazy if you're still thinking in terms of monetary value, but please understand that they work well for us. If games seem overvalued and they aren't moving, we do tweak the values downwards, but if those values aren't moving, it's because the games are trading at this point values.  You can also read more about the factors that go into the point value here.

Do you cover shipping?

Not on trades unfortunately, but you are welcome to utilize our discount with Fedex. We'll basically just need the box weight, dimensions and your email.

Why are you asking if I have a BoardGameGeek account?

If you do, and you have your collection set up there, we have a trade tool that should make the entire process even easier.

Ok, I have my games picked out. That's all you need?

While each game has a default assigned point value, that value assumes a used game with no issues. If the game has any extras that are noteworthy, e.g. a Kickstarter version, a custom insert, expansions etc, please note as much information as possible so that we can ensure we increase the points for that game. 

Similarly, if there are any condition issues or missing components, please let us know so we can factor that in as well.

If a game has different editions that affect the value, please let us know, but we'll also ask when relevant if that information isn't provided in advance.

Can I send more games to have you cover my shipping costs?

Yes, but at a rate of 3x points. e.g. if the shipping costs will be $20, you need to send an additional 60 points for us to cover that cost. 

That isn't the general exchange rate for shipping, just for covering your shipping.

What should I know about packing & shipping?

Upon acceptance, you'll be provided with a few additional details, but in general at this point you'll want to pack up the games in preparation for shipping. 

When packing, there are few things to keep in mind. 

1) In order to ensure your shipping costs are as low as possible, fewer larger boxes is preferable to more smaller boxes, while following rule 2 below. 

2) Avoid using oversized boxes, e.g. a box that is too large or too heavy to carry. A good rule of thumb is if you would have a hard time carrying the box up the stairs, use something smaller. 

3) Avoid using a larger box that is half board games and half empty air. The larger the box the more it costs to ship, and we prefer to keep your costs down.

4) Ensure the games don't have room to shift around while in transit. Make sure the games are well condensed, and whatever room is open is filled with some form of packing material. Games that shift in transit often open causing missing pieces, as well as often resulting in damages. Unfortunately we do deduct from the payment if damage in transit is above an expected minimum level.