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Trading, the Best Way to Turn Your Old Games Into New Ones

Welcome to BoardGameCo, I'm Alex. However you got to this page, whether an internet search, browsing the site, or a direct link from someone on the BGC team, I'm glad you're here.

To make life easier, and to skip straight to finding out if we're a good fit for your needs, here's a combo introduction/FAQ to get you started.

Q: So what do you do exactly?

A: We buy, sell and trade board games, both new and used. Our goal is to be a resource to people trying to convert used games from taking up space, and turning them into games they can play.

Q: Can't I just sell/trade them myself?

A: Of course! If what you're doing is working for you then great, keep at it. We only want your business if it's a win-win.

For buying your games, the win is convenience. You will 100% get less money then selling them piecemeal on a forum, BGG, Ebay, etc, but you will get a full quote for your entire list, only one outgoing shipment (that we'll cover the cost on), and never having to spend excessive amounts of time making the sale happen. If that's worth the lower price per game, then great, if not that makes sense too.

For trading games, we offer both convenience and potentially a savings as well. Convenience for the reasons mentioned above; you'll get firm values, no chasing us, no haggling, walk in, see if there's a trade you like, and then get back to gaming. Minimal wasted time. The savings is because of the ability to do larger trades with us. Sure, you can trade 1 or 2 games at a time paying shipping each time, or you can trade 5, 10 or more games with us and pay shipping only once (you're welcome to use our shipping discount with Fedex if it helps). Sure, our value system means that you're taking a hit on value, but you'll often save that much or more on the savings on shipping once, rather than 5-10 different shipments.

Q: Speaking of your point system, some of those numbers look completely out of whack?

A: We know, the point system isn't perfect but for the most part it works well. The basic idea is that having popular items is essential in order to ensure that people keep coming to us for trades.To that end, the available price of a game, while a factor, is not the most important part of our values. Trade demand, the availability of an item for trade, is a much bigger concern. We have no interest in trading away new and hot games for expensive items that just aren't moving as quickly. Turnover is important, and it doesn't help us to have a lot of expensive items that people aren't asking for. 

Yes, that does mean that sometimes we'll be valuing an $80 game on your end less than a $30 game on our end....but the good news is that we've had people take advantage of that both ways, sometimes people send in hotter in demand games as a way of getting expensive games from us, and we're fine with that. 

At the end of the day we respect that the points sometimes can look crazy, but please understand that they work well for us. If games seem overvalued and they aren't moving, we do tweak the values downwards, but that's usually the exception and not the rule since for the most part they do trade.

You can also read more about the factors that go into the point value here.

Q: Ok, Ok I get it, how do I sell my games to you?

A: Check out our sell page here. You can send them in for cash, store credit, or for points towards other games here.

Q: And how do I trade?

A: If you have a BoardGameGeek profile and collection set up (instructions here) then the best way is to either use our app here, use BGG's trading interface, or message us on boardgamegeek.

If you don't have a BGG profile it's a bit harder. We're working on a newer app that will hopefully streamline that process as well, but for now there's no easy way to get the point values for your games without directly asking us unless you have a BGG collection set up. You can see points for our games here but the search is a bit buggy. Email us at with any questions, and we'll see what we can do to help.



That's basically it for now, this page will likely be updated frequently to add more questions or updates on how we do things. Thanks for taking the time to read, and happy gaming!